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The Realm of a Love Goddess

16 June 1982
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Where to start a story already in progress... Vivica Love began modeling in 2002 and things have never been the same. While styles and ideas are always changing, her biggest influences come from goth, lolita, pin up, fetish, and flare mixed in everything she does. If it's not plain to see she takes a lot of inspiration from Bettie Page and strives to be the plus size Page of this generation. When not in front of the camera she enjoys being behind it. She also enjoys art, music, computers, movies, hanging out with friends, comic books, tattoos, piercings and of course shopping. Vivica is always up to something, mostly modeling for her own site VivicaLove.com.

More About Me: Birthday: June 16th

Sign: Gemini

Measurements: 46-44-59

Bra: 44C

Height: 5'2

Eyes: Blue/Green

Hair: Black

Shoe Size: 9

Dress: 24/26 or 3x

Shirt: 22/24 or 3x

Pants: 24/26 or 3x

Kitty: Shaved or Trimmed

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Fetishes: Spanking, hair pulling, leather, biting

Tattoos: 8 with some in progress

Piercings: both ears, nose, nipples, monroe

Hobbies: Shopping, art, music, computers, web design, friends, movies

Outstanding Features: eyes, curves, personality

Things That Make Me Shiver: Good chocolate, great music, even better guys.

Things I Find Unpleasant: Poor Personal Hygiene, Bad Breath, Arrogant People, Body Odor, Rude People and Judgmental Individuals.

My Favorites

Colors: Purple, Black, Pink

Foods: Steak, Potatoes, Pasta

Flowers: Roses

Music: Rock, Industrial, Metal, Goth, Darkwave, EBM

Movies: Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd, Nightmare Before Christmas, Prince of Darkness, House of 1000 Corpses

TV: Adult Swim, Rock of Love, Flavor of Love

Places: New York, Vegas

Favorite Scent: Vanilla

I am not a slut, I am not easy, I do not meet for sex, nor am I looking to "hook up". I'm a model and an artist. If you are going to message me please be respectful.

If you like what you see and you'd like to see more Please check out my site VivicaLove.com

You can also check out my financial dominating site


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